Technology that works

Aunt Bea’s Kenya Top Bar Beehive (Pat. Pend.) is the most natural, versatile, multipurpose, adaptable, user-friendly, economical hive possible within any managed hive system. See our sustainable, ultra-low tech alternative to the U.S. standard Langstroth beekeeping model.

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Bee a Conservationist

We encourage you to approach the subject of “beekeeping” more from a benevolent, bee-conservation mode rather than the U.S. standard stacked-box model designed and utilized to maximize the extraction of honey, pollen and wax at the expense of the honey bee and quite possibly the health of the consumers of their hive products.
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Join us

One of Aunt Bea’s goals is to develop an International Association of Top Bar Beekeepers to bring together other TBH builders and “believers” into an alliance capable of demanding the attention of the educators, researchers and others with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. Bees don’t need beekeepers, beekeepers need bees! Click here to learn more